Can I offer discounts to manual bundles of different lengths?

Yes, this behaviour can be achieved with a bit of configuration.

For example, let’s suppose you have two manual bundles, one of them consists of 2 recommendations, and the other one consists of 4 recommendations, and you want both to have a bundle discount.

Since discounts are only applied to full bundles, you will have to select the following configuration options in the 'Recommendation tuning' section:

  • 'Exclusive manual bundles' algorithm, to not add more recommendations to the manual bundle with length 2:

  • 'Do not apply this limit to manual bundles' option, to offer a discount regardless of the length of the manual bundle:

Please bear in mind that with this configuration, discounts will be applied to manual bundles only if the full manual bundle is available and selected, and the minimum bundle price is reached.

For example, if the main product or any recommendation is out of stock, the discount will not be offered:

Additionally, if the customer does not select the full bundle, the discount will not be applied, as discounts are offered to encourage your customers to buy full bundles:

If you want to learn more about the minimum bundle price, you can find detailed info at How does the minimum bundle price work?