Which types of videos can I configure using Video Background?

Video Background features four types of videos that can be easily configured using the app. You can see examples of different videos configurations in our demo store (password demo)

1. Full page video backgrounds

Full page videos are the easiest videos to configure. You only need to select the page where you want it and the video will be automatically configured taking the full page background.

To provide a nicer user experience, full-page videos remain static when you scroll the page, they do not scroll with the rest of the page.

2. Section video backgrounds

Section video backgrounds are videos configured as the background of some existent element in your page. In order to configure a section video, you have to set the page where you want it and the location of the video within that page.

3. Responsive content videos

Although the primary goal of the app is to configure background videos, you can also configure content videos. Content videos are displayed as backgrounds, but inserted as embedded videos in your page, at your preferred location. The video size will adapt responsively to the browser size. The selected video must have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The screenshot below shows an example of a responsive content video:

4. Element replacement videos

This option will also display a video which is not a background video. Sometimes you want to replace some content in your site (usually, an image) by a video. You can use this video type to replace the image just by selecting the image as the target element: