The video takes a few seconds to load

If you have a YouTube video, YouTube has recently decided to display a lot of information and options for a few seconds when the video loads for the first time.

To avoid displaying that information in your store, we keep the video thumbnail during that time. So, for a couple of seconds, your video will only display a static image, like in the following screenshot:

If we did not show the static image, something like the following would be displayed in your store: 

We consider that this is the best option for the current YouTube behavior. We will monitor YouTube changes and, if the situation changes in the future, we will adapt our app to take advantage of the changes.

In the meantime, if you'd like to change the image (thumbnail) that is displayed while the video background is loading, then this may be done from your YouTube video manager:

Usually selecting the first frame (the top right image in the previous screenshot) gives the best results because that way there's no change from the image to the video.

See the YouTube documentation for instructions on how to set a custom thumbnail. Finally, if you have a Vimeo video and notice that it takes some seconds to load, you can also add a thumbnail following the instructions here Change your Create video's thumbnail