How to use wildcard URLs to display a video in several pages?

With Video Background it is possible to add a video to multiple pages that are under a certain path, for instance, blog pages that are usually located under/blog.

We can build a wildcard URL using an asterisk (*) at the end of the string to indicate the app that the video will be displayed on all pages under that URL. 

With that said, if you write the following wildcard URL: /blog/*, the video will be displayed on all blog pages.

In this article, we will show you the steps to add a video to several pages using wildcard URLs. 

For this example, we have 3 articles that belong to our blog of news as shown below:

And we want all articles inside news to have a Video background, so we will use the wildcard/blog/news/*or just /news/* to achieve this.

First, let's go the app preferences page and click on Add new video at the dashboard. You'll be prompted to select the page, let's go with the Custom page option and enter your preferred wildcard URL. Once finished, configure the type and position of the video and click on Save and continue:

Afterwards, introduce the video URL in order to display it on the desired position:

Now, if we click on an article in our section of news we will be able to see our Video background. 

This is how each article was before:

And this is how it is now with the Video configured: