How can I change the widget location?

After installation, the widget is placed automatically in a safe location at the bottom of your shopping cart form. 

The automatic placement algorithm supports most free themes and some paid themes, and it is capable of selecting an adequate position to make the widget relevant to your visitors.

However, if you want to change the position manually, this can be done from the app preferences page in the Advanced Preferences section. Just click on the button that says Change widget location:

Once there, you can add the CSS to the elements where you want it to be placed for and mobile devices.

You can use jQuery notation to write the selector, for instance  html>body>header>div.chooser or #cbb-holder 

If you are comfortable with HTML, you can set a jQuery selector for the HTML element in your template where you want to put the widget and type that selector accordingly in each box.

Also, from the CSS selector field, it is possible to choose the placement of the widget, such as:

After or before the selected element and as the child or first child of the selected element:

Once everything is configured as you want, please click on save on the top or bottom right corner, and you'll be all set.

Lastly, we can also help you change the widget's location, so If you need our assistance in relocating the widget, just contact us, and we will change the location for you as soon as possible.