Does Shipping Rates Calculator Plus app have a Free Shipping bar?

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus comes with an integrated Free Shipping bar that can be enabled by clicking the “Free Shipping Bar” option on the app’s dashboard.

You will be redirected to the Free Shipping bar’s preferences dashboard. From there, you can set different goals for the locations where you have your free shipping rate set on your Shopify admin; you can create as many as you wish. Just click the “add new goal” button:

You can also select more than one location for each goal in case it’s necessary. To do so, just click on the spreadable list and simply select the desired locations; you can select as many as necessary:

The Shipping Bar comes with some default text, but you can edit this by replacing it from the text boxes here:

Finally, you can change the background, text, and price color from the options below:

We recommend selecting an eye-catching background color for the bar to attract the customer’s attention since it will not be displayed within the widget but on the upper side of the screen:

You can disable this bar whenever you want just by un-ticking the option from the bar's preferences:

Please note that adding goals from the bar's dashboard will not set up the shipping rate. This is only so the bar can display the information. To provide free shipping and for the widget to update the $0.00 rate, this has to be set up directly from your Shopify admin.

Here’s more information on how to set a free shipping rate: Setting up shipping rates Shopify Help Center