How to check that Shipping Rates Calculator+ is working well

In this article, we explain how to check whether Shipping Rates Calculator+ is showing all the applicable shipping rates for a given shopping cart. We will show you how to verify whether the shipping rates displayed on the cart page match the shipping rates displayed at checkout. 

There are many apps on the Shopify App Store which allow merchants to configure complex shipping rules which may not be compatible with the Shopify AjaxCart API that Shipping Rates Calculator+ relies on. This is a flaw in the Shopify infrastructure and we can't do much to pull out these rates. In general, in most common situations where the shipping rates have been configured using the standard Shopify Admin, Shipping Rates Calculator+ will work flawlessly.

First off, we must add one or more products to the shopping cart. 

Once you have the products on the shopping cart, go to the cart page and find the shipping calculator. Enter the destination you want to ship and hit the 'Gather shipping rates' button:

Jot down the carriers and shipping rates displayed in the shipping calculator and proceed to checkout.

Make sure that you enter the same data into the shipping address form at checkout.

Hit 'Continue to shipping method'  and there you will see all the shipping rates that Shopify pulls out at this stage.

If the rates displayed at checkout match the rates displayed on the cart page, then we can say that Shipping Rates Calculator+ is working properly.

In the screenshot below, compare the shipping rates displayed by the app (on the left) and the shipping rates displayed at checkout (on the right). As we can see, the rates are the same in both cases: