How to enable Currency Converter Menu in Brooklyn Theme?

The currency button is a key feature of any currency converter app. It provides the ability to easily change the currency from any page in your store.

As with any other feature, we always want our apps to be user-friendly so, Currency Converter+ provides a pre-configured currency button for the  Brooklyn theme. 

You can enable this button with a single click on the app preferences page.

Note: The currency button is disabled by default after installing Currency Converter+.

You can enable it by selecting the " Show menu button" checkbox in the Menu button section at the app preferences page.

Once the button is enabled, it will appear at the top right corner of the store, next to Search Icon. 

In addition, it is completely integrated with the rest of the elements on the store so that it does not interfere with navigation, it looks nice and it is easy to use.

In the screenshot below, we can see how the currency button looks like on the desktop:

and on mobile:

As always, if you need any support on configuring menu button or if you facing issues don't hesitate to contact us.