Currency Converter+ settings for dark themes

Some themes on the Shopify theme store have a dark style variant that shows the background in black or a dark shade.

Currency Converter+ has some options to customize the app for dark themes, let's have a look at them.

Converted price

Currency Converter+ will autodetect your theme colours in most cases but, if necessary, we can customize the font, background and border colour of the converted price. We can find these options in the Converted price section 

Once there, expanding the "Advanced options for converted prices", you will find advanced customization to change the font colour of the converter price, the background colour of the amount box and add some aditional styles with CSS code.

We will always choose the colours which will match the theme, Same font and background colours which are used in the theme.

Drop-down currency chooser

In the Drop-down chooser section we can change the drop-down chooser styles to better match the theme colour scheme. 

The Chooser styles section apply the styles to both the menu button dopr-down chooser and the price drop-down chooser.

We can choose the text, background and border colour, and we will choose colours that match the theme so that the currency list will look well integrated with the theme:

Also, we can choose a border on the prices to highlight its operation as a button to display the menu of currency types, if we choose to display the chooser on the prices:

In addition, we will also enable the arrow icon in white colour:

Here is how the converted price and the drop-down chooser can look with above settings on one dark theme:

Menu button

We can also tune the styles for the Menu button similarly.

We can adjust on one hand the colour of the label

And on the other hand we can enable the arrow icon in white and also we can select the background and border colour to match the theme.

Here is how the menu button can look with above settings on one dark theme: