Numbers that are not prices are converted

Currency converter+ treats as prices everything that follows the currency format defined in your Shopify admin and tries to convert them.

If for some reason there are other numbers in your store that follow that format and you don´t want the app to convert them, the easiest solution is to change the currency format in your Shopify admin.

To do that please go to your Shopify admin and then to Settings → General → Store currency and click on Change formatting. Then fill in the values like in the following image but adapted to your currency:

Currency formatting configuration

The value for HTML with currency is

<span class=cbb-currency>${{amount}} USD</span>

(replace $ by your currency symbol and USD by your currency code).

The value for HTML without currency is

<span class=cbb-currency>${{amount}}</span>

(replace $ by your currency symbol).

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