What is the Currency Converter+ cart note?

The cart note is a text that will only appear if your customers are seeing the prices in a currency different from the currency that will be used for checkout.

Unless you are using Shopify Payments multiple currencies, the prices during the checkout process can only be shown in the default currency of your store, which is configured in your Shopify Admin (this is a Shopify requirement and cannot be changed).

In order to prevent any confusion to your customers, you can explain the currency change using the cart note feature.

The note will be displayed like this on your shopping cart:

The cart note is only displayed to customers that are browsing your page in a currency different than the checkout currency, that is, the current active currency if Shopify Payments are enabled, or the store currency otherwise.

You can configure the note from the app preferences dashboard page within the section  Cart note:

You can add, in the text field of the  Cart Note, the following text or any text you want:

While the content of your cart is currently displayed in {user-currency}, you will checkout using {checkout-currency} at the most current exchange rate

Additionally, you can use the following placeholders:

  • {shop-name}: will be replaced by the shop name.
  • {shop-currency}: will be replaced by the shop currency configured.
  • {user-currency}: will be replaced by the customer currency.
  • {checkout-currency}: will be replaced by the current active currency if Shopify Payments are enabled, or by the shop currency otherwise.

If you need any assistance in configuring this or any other aspect of the app, simply drop us an email and we would be more than happy to help.