How to relocate the Currency Converter+ menu button

Depending on your theme, the menu button may not be configured by default after installation of the application.

To configure the location of the menu button, please use the following section called Menu button, from the app dashboard preferences page. 

Click on " Change menu button position":

You will be redirected to another target selection page, where two different strategies to place the menu button are presented:

  • Relative to another element, for instance, next to the cart icon on the header. We suggest this positioning on desktop as usually there are enough room for adding the menu button to the header or the footer.
  • Floating, for instance, floating on the bottom-left corner. This positioning is particularly useful on mobile devices to keep the currency menu visible while scrolling up and down.

If you choose the relative positioning, you need to identify an HTML element as reference to locate the menu button. For this you need to be very familiar with the HTML structure of the Shopify theme. Of course, you don't need to know HTML or CSS to configure our app, just drop us an email and we will configure it for you.

On the 'Placement' tab you can select the position the widget will have in reference to the element. It can be placed before or after the selected element, also as the first or last child.

On the other hand, if you choose floating position, you need to enter which corner you want the menu button to be placed, and the distance to the sides of the screen. This way, the menu button would stay fixed on the screen regardless of scrolling.