How to relocate the Currency Converter+ cart note

The cart note is a text that will only appear if your customers are seeing the prices in a currency different from the currency that will be used for checkout.

This feature is used to let your customers know that they will checkout using the current active currency if Shopify Payments are enabled, or the shop currency otherwise.

It will be displayed on your cart page and you can change its location easily, within the  Cart note section, from the app dashboard preferences page.

To do so, please go to the  Cart note and you will find the Cart note location feature with the "Change cart note position" button. You only have to click on it: 

 Once there, you will be able to use a CSS selector, in the  Cart note location selector field, to properly place the cart note the way you want. 

From the CSS selector field it is also possible to choose the placement of the note such as  after or before the selected element, and  as the  last  child or first child of the selected element:

And it is also possible to choose a different location for the cart note on desktop and mobile devices. Simply click on the option which says  Use a different selector for mobile devices.

If you are comfortable with HTML, you can set a jQuery or CSS selector for the HTML element in your template where you want to put the cart note and type that selector accordingly.

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the web developer tools built into your browser to look for the desired selector (CRTL+SHIFT+I).

Keep in mind that we can also help you change the location of the widget on your shopping cart page, simply drop us an email and we will help you as soon as possible.