How do I remove the flag and currency drop-down list of a particular price?

Currency Converter+ will automatically detect on most Shopify themes the prices that must be displayed as simplified prices. That is, the prices for which the currency drop-down list must be disabled and the flag and up-down icon are not displayed.

However, in some uncommon cases, it is possible that some prices are not recognised as simplified prices. You can always contact us for help but, if you are comfortable with HTML, you can set a jQuery selector for the HTML elements of the prices you want to fix.

You can find it within the Advanced preferences section on app preferences dashboard page:

Once there, go down the page to find the Simplified prices section:

Fill in the  Simplified prices field with jQuery selectors pointing to the prices you want to simplify. 

Use jQuery notation to write the selectors for each use case, for instance,  span.simple-price or #simplified-price.

If you want to write two or more selectors, a comma-separated list can be provided. For instance,  #simplified-price, .simple-price