Important implications about discounts

Please review the following notes before enabling discounts for your store

  • A new discount code will be dynamically created on your Shopify Admin (section discounts) for each bundle added to the cart.
  • Generally Shopify only allows one discount per order so, if you use other discount apps, their functionality may clash with ours (if the other app applies a discount after our discount, it will overwrite our discount).
  • While we do our best to invalidate discounts when their criteria is not matched, the Shopify Discount System do not enforce discount limits so a discount could still be applied to orders not matching the discount criteria.

    The only criteria that Shopify enforces for all discounts is the minimum order value, so please ensure you configure a proper value for it.

    For percentage, fixed amount and cheapest item for free discounts, the number of items in the order is also enforced by Shopify.

  • If you disable discounts, please note that all previous discount codes may still be valid. You can invalidate them at once as explained in the Shopify Tutorial.

Recommended configuration

In order to minimise these limitations of the Shopify Discount system, we strongly recommend enabling the  Skip Cart option in our app preferences (you will find this option in the 'Advanced preferences' section):

That way, the customer will be redirected directly to the checkout, will see the discount applied and there will be little opportunity for cart content modification.

Additionally, please configure a proper value for the following 'minimum bundle price' setting in the ' Discounts' section:

This is the only constraint enforced by Shopify so you can be sure that no order cheaper than the configured amount will get a discount.