Is Currency Converter Plus compatible with alternative checkouts?

Some Shopify stores decide to use some third-party checkout system instead of the standard Shopify checkout. Examples of these alternative checkouts are Checkout X, Bold Checkout, MLVeda's Multi Currency Checkout or TeleCheckout.

Because Shopify does not allow apps to work in the official checkout pages, Currency Converter+ is designed to work only on public pages (home page, collection pages, search pages, product pages and cart page) but not during the checkout process.

Currency Converter Plus is agnostic to the checkout system used: it works on public pages and then the checkout system takes over. In other words, there is not conflict between our apps and the alternative checkouts.

However, it is worth mentioning that the alternative checkout TeleCheckout is able to show Currency Converter+ in his single-page checkout:

If you are using TeleCheckout, the currency selected in Currency Converter+ will still be displayed during the checkout process.

Please note that, in this case, the integration is made by the TeleCheckout team so we don't have access to the code to customise it.