Can I configure a discount to be applied to all bundles?

Frequently Bought Together allows you to set a global discount configuration for all bundles.

You can choose one of the following four different types of discounts to be applied to all bundles:

If you want to enable one of these discounts, go to the main dashboard and click on the Discounts section:

There you will find the option to enable or disable global discounts; once you enable them, you will see the different discount types and their configuration options below:

Please, bear in mind that only one type of discount can be configured and it will be globally applied to all the bundles in your store. As long as the full bundle is available and selected (having in consideration the number of recommendations configured) and the minimum bundle price is reached, the discount will be applied.

If you want to change the number of recommendations configured please check the following article: Can I configure the number of recommendations displayed?

In regards to the minimum bundle price, it can be modified inside the discount configuration.