Some prices are not converted after an action

Currency Converter+ does a neat job on detecting prices that change dynamically and updates their currency conversion.

However, due to the extreme variability of Shopify themes, apps and customisations, it may fail to update a price conversion when some actions are performed. These actions may include:

  • Opening a pop-up as, for example, with a 'Quick view' feature
  • Opening a drawer cart or a mini-cart
  • Modifying the product quantities in a dynamic cart
  • Changing the active product variant

If you detect some of those prices that are not converted automatically, just contact us and we will fix them for you.

However, if you are tech-savvy and want to fix it yourself, you can do it by following these instructions.

First, identify the jQuery selector of the element that should trigger the price conversion:

In our example, the selector for the 'Remove' link would be p.cart__remove

Now, go to the Advanced preferences section on app preferences dashboard page:

And then, use that value in the 'Refresh price conversion when these elements are used' field:

That way, we ensure that prices will be converted after the 'Remove' link is clicked on.

If you need to configure several elements, you can separate their selectors with commas.