Can I choose the Shopify Markets Multi-Currency price format?

As you may know, Shopify allows you to choose the format of your store prices. This is done on your Shopify Admin, section 'Settings':

You can choose if decimals are displayed or not, if the decimal separator is a dot or a comma or even if you can use spaces as a thousand separator. Some of these options are documented at

This configuration is honored by Currency Converter Plus, which formats prices following the formatting defined in your Shopify admin.

However, this configuration only affects prices when they are displayed in your store currency.

For currencies configured via Shopify Markets Multi-Currency, Shopify does not allow to choose their format. Instead, Shopify provides some fixed formats for each currency. For example:

  • Euros are displayed with decimals, a comma as a decimal separator and a dot as a thousand separator
  • Australian Dollars are displayed with decimals, a dot as a decimal separator and a comma as a thousand separator
  • Hungarian Forints are displayed with no decimals and a dot as thousands separator
  • Mongolian Tugrits are displayed with no decimals and a comma as thousands separator

Additionally, Shopify Markets Multi-Currency automatically applies some rounding configurations to different currencies, that cannot be changed:

How does this affect Currency Converter Plus?

Currency Converter Plus always displays prices following the format defined in your Shopify admin. This is important to allow interoperability with Shopify, other apps and custom developments.

If you are using Currency Converter Plus with Shopify Markets Multi-Currency, our app will format prices using the fixed formats defined by Shopify.

We hope Shopify improves the options for Multi-Currency formatting. In that case, as our app follows the Shopify specification strictly, it will also be able to honor those price formattings.