Different prices are displayed for different EU countries

If your Shopify store is located in the European Union, you may be surprised to see that your products' prices are different for different EU countries, even if you have not configured them that way before.

First, Shopify Markets (https://www.shopify.com/markets) allows you to configure fixed prices or price adjustments for different countries so, if you configured Shopify Markets or Shopify Payments Multi-Currency before, that may be the reason. You can find the Shopify Markets configuration on your Shopify Admin, section 'Settings'.

If you did not configure Shopify Markets, different prices may apply for tax reasons. You can find the tax configuration for your store on your Shopify Admin, section 'Taxes and duties'.

First, you can choose among 3 ways of calculating VAT for EU stores, depending on the characteristics of your business:

And you can also apply some adjustments:

Depending on which of these options are configured in your store, your prices will look different for different EU countries. Some of these rules are explained at https://www.shopify.com/blog/eu-vat-changes-2021

Please note that also these configurations are part of Shopify itself, not related to our app, and our app cannot change them.