I am using Shopify Markets but your app does not convert all prices

Shopify Markets is a new specification provided by Shopify to sell internationally. It allows selling in multiple currencies.

If your store is using Shopify Markets, you can still use Currency Converter Plus but please bear in mind that all prices will be converted by Shopify Markets.

Currency Converter Plus can be used to add geolocation capabilities, a menu currency button or advanced formatting for your prices, including currency flags:

However, all prices will be converted by Shopify Markets.

Unfortunately, many Shopify themes and apps are not compatible with Shopify Markets yet, including the official ones provided by Shopify. As a consequence, you may find that some prices are not converted in your store:

There is nothing our app can do to convert those prices because our app does not have access to Shopify Markets currency configuration, such as currency formatting, rounding or exchange rates.

If you want to use Shopify Markets, we recommend to stick only to compatible features and, particularly, to not add prices as texts (announcement bars, discount descriptions, product descriptions...) and to not use non-compatible apps.