Uncommon text-node prices are not detected

Some themes and third-party apps display prices with a particular structure that makes it difficult to detect them. This happens when two prices are next to each other, and one is not in an HTML tag, such as a <span> tag.

In the snippet below, both '$19.99' and '$49.99' are not wrapped in an HTML tag, and both have a sibling price in a <s> tag.

// $19.99 could not be converted automatically
<span class="custom_price">
  <s class="was">$29.99</s> 

// $49.99 could not be converted automatically
<span id="custom_price"> 
  <s class="old">$59.99</s>

First, you can follow the suggestion described in the article 'Some prices are not detected in my store'. If that works, then you are done.

Otherwise, you can help the app detect and convert these prices from the Advanced preferences section on the dashboard.

Fill the Undetected prices field with jQuery selectors pointing to the prices that are not being converted. 

Use jQuery notation to write the selectors for each use case, for instance, span.custom_price or #custom_price.

A comma-separated list can be provided if you want to write two or more selectors. For instance,  #custom_price, .custom_price