Compatibility with Weglot translation app

Translate Your Store ‑ Weglot is a popular and widely-used third-party translation app for Shopify stores. 

In this article, we explain how both Weglot and Currency Converter Plus work together to provide the best user experience regarding translation and currency conversion.

Currency Conversion

Weglot can translate prices which makes sense in some scenarios but this feature is likely to prevent Currency Converter Plus from working properly. 

In order to make sure that Weglot does not interfere with Currency Converter Plus you will have to configure the shop currency formatting to include the notraslate keyword.

In the screenshot above, you can see how to include the keyword for better application interoperability. The currency expression starting with a $ must not be changed, just the class attribute.

Of course, if you need assistance, we can configure it for you if you grant us temporary access to your store.

Cart note

Currency Converter Plus displays a note on the cart page to warn your customers that the checkout will be done in the shop currency when they have selected a different currency. 

The note text is updated dynamically to reflect the currently selected currency but Weglot cannot reliably keep track of these changes unless we instruct the app to do so but it should do it in most common scenarios.

If you notice that Weglot doesn't translate the cart note as you would expect, please configure Weglot to monitor dynamic elements and translate the Currency Converter Plus cart note.

From the Weglot settings, please go to Weglot Dashboard → Settings → Shopify settings as depicted in the screenshots below.

Scrolling down you will find the Dynamic Elements section where you can add the following selector .currency-converter-cart-note to enable the translation of the cart note text.