Compatibility with Weglot translation app

Translate Your Store ‑ Weglot is a third-party translation app that you can find at

Translate content

The only content possible to translate in Currency Converter + is the currency note. To translate the note, you have to add its reference inside the Weglot preferences pages.

Please navigate to Weglot Dashboard -> Settings -> Shopify settings:

Then there, please add the following selector ( .currency-converter-cart-note) to the preference and save changes. Now our app will be getting the translation without any problem.

Prices changing

It is possible that the Weglot app loads before Currency Converter+ and detects the prices as translatable content. To avoid that, we can configure our Shopify currency formatting to include the notranslate CSS class:

Please note that the image above matches a store in USD currency, the syntax has to be adapted to your currency.

Of course, we can configure it for you if you grant us a temporary access to your store.