How does Currency Converter+ compare to other currency apps regarding number of currencies?

Currency Converter+ combines different exchange rates sources to offer a higher number of currencies for different purposes.

The 222 currencies offered by Currency Converter+ surpass by large the number of currencies offered by any other currency app. In order to overcome this fact, other apps describe the number of currencies offered as "unlimited", "all currencies" or simply drop a false number.

Having more currencies available gives you more opportunities to reach more customers.

In the next table you can see exactly how many currencies each app offers:

App What they advertise
Actual number of currencies
Currency Converter+
222 222
Multi Currency Auto Switcher
"248" 179
Auto Currency Switcher
"all the ISO currencies
all over the world"
Currency Switcher by Secomapp - 179
Geolizr - 179
BEST Currency Converter

"160+" 171
Currency Localizer by Surge Apps "171" 171
Currency Robo "160" 170
Coin by ShopPad "all of the major currencies" 170
Currency Hero
- 168
Multi Currency Converter by Hextom "currencies used by 236
countries and regions"
Bold Multi Currency
"Unlimited currencies"
"All currencies"