How does Currency Converter+ compare to other currency apps regarding exchange rates?

Currency Converter+ provides the most accurate currency conversion for Shopify.

First, because it uses paid reliable providers. Second, because its exchange rates are updated every minute.

All other currency apps use free internet sources for their exchange rates and they are only updated a few times a day.

You can see in the table below the frequency on which exchange rates are updated in each app:

App What they advertise Exchange rates updated
Currency Converter+
"Every minute"
Every minute
Currency Robo "Exchange rates updated hourly" Every hour
Coin by ShopPad
"Exchange rates are constantly refreshed"
Every hour
Bold Multi Currency
"Real-time currency rates"
Every hour
Currency Switcher by Secomapp
"Live currency exchange rate" Every 12 hours
Multi Currency Converter by Hextom
"Hourly updated exchange rates" Every 12 hours
Auto Currency Switcher
"Live conversion rates" Every 12 hours
Currency Localizer by Surge Apps "Exchange rates updated daily" Every 12 hours
Multi Currency Auto Switcher
"Updated hourly"
Every 12 hours
BEST Currency Converter
Every 12 hours
Currency Hero
- Every 12 hours
Every 12 hours