How to change the converted price style in Currency Converter+?

In Currency Converter+ it is possible to change some design properties of the converted prices.

To do so, please find the "Converted price" section in the app preferences page. You can see there some options to customize the way the converted prices are shown, such as: rounding, replace prices, show chooser and many others. The preferences page will show you more detailed information for each option. 

For more advanced customization, please tap on "Additional settings", as shown below:

You can change the font colour of the converter price and background colour of the amount box. You can also choose to have a border or not on the button. 

You can easily select your preferred colour using the palette tool showed below, or you can copy the colour name/code (hexadecimal value).

Lastly, it is also possible to change the Flag size. Please note that you'll need to have the option to Show the country flag enabled to see this change reflected in your store.