Which type of currencies does Currency Converter+ offer?

Currency Converter+ can convert to many currencies, including:

  • Official currencies, such as US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound Sterling or Japanese Yen.
  • Currencies used in several countries, such as Euro, West African Franc or Pacific Franc Exchange.
  • Alternative currencies or exchanges, such as the black market Venezuelan Bolivar or the Chilean Unit of Account.
  • Crypto-currencies, such as BitCoin, Ethereum or Monero.
  • Precious metals, such as Gold, Silver or Platinum.
  • Historical currencies, such as Frech Franc or German Mark.

You can select the currencies you want to display in your store drop-down list easily from the app preferences dashboard page, within the Currency list and geolocation section:

Historical currencies, cryptocurrencies and precious metals can be easily filtered by the search field, as in the following searches for historical:

for precious metals:

and for cryptocurrencies: