What are the options available for Decimal rounding of converted values?

In Currency Converter+ there are some decimal rounding options available:

  • Rounding: for rounding all the converted prices to the nearest integer number.
  • End prices on .99: for ending all the rounded prices in .99. (rounding preference should be enabled for this to work)
  • Do not round original prices: to disable rounding only when values are displayed in store default currency.

You can find all these options on the app preferences dashboard page within the Converted prices section:

Now we will show you how each option modifies the decimal digits so that you can tune the app configuration to better fit your needs.


This option will show all converted prices as integer numbers.

However, it is important to note that decimal digits may be displayed depending on the currency formatting settings. Currency Converter+ observes the currency formatting settings to display the converted prices following the original prices pattern.

If you want to completely remove the decimal digits, you must change the currency formatting configuration to {{amount_no_decimals}} as you can see in the screenshot below.

Enabling the Rounding option will remove the decimal digits or adjust them to .00 depending on the currency formatting settings mentioned above.

End prices on .99

Note: For this preference to work Rounding preference should be enabled.

This option will make all decimal digits uniform and ending in .99. This configuration allows you to make the most of the Psychological Pricing principle.

After enabling this setting, the converted prices will end in .99, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Do not round original prices

By default, when the Rounding option at the beginning of this article is enabled, the prices in the shop currency will be rounded too. 

Check the option Store currency rounding if you want to preserve the original prices in the shop currency unaltered when they are displayed in the store currency.

Let's analyse the following screenshots. 

They are assuming that the shop currency is CAD and the Rounding option is enabled.

When the option Store currency rounding is disabled, we can see the prices in Canadian Dollar ending in .00.

However, when we check this option, the prices preserve their original decimal digits. In other words, they are not rounded to the nearest integer.