I sell in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments. Will Currency Converter Plus still be useful?

Shopify Payments allows you to charge your customers in multiple currencies. This is a great feature provided by Shopify that can help your international sales.

However, Shopify Payments does not provide features on the public pages of your store, only during your checkout process.

If you want your customers to be able to select the currency of their choice, or if you want to detect their currency automatically via geolocation, you will have to install an app or theme that provides that feature.

Let's explore some of the features added by Currency Converter Plus on top of Shopify Payments.

1. Automatic currency detection using a precision geolocation service.

2. Currency menu button to select currencies manually:

3. Currency drop-down over prices:

4. Total styling of the drop-downs and the prices with flags, colors, sizes, etc.

5. The possibility of converting to currencies not supported by Shopify Payments, such as Bitcoin:

And, of course, an entire Support Team always ready to help you with the configuration!