Is Currency Converter Plus compatible with Shopify Markets?

Shopify Markets ( is the future of Shopify to selling globally. It comes with several new features that will help merchants bring market-specific buying experiences. It features tons of price tuning options.

Currency Converter Plus is partially compatible with Shopify Markets. However, for most usual configurations, it is fully compatible and works smoothly.

Non-standard country-currency mappings

Shopify Markets allows the configuration of non-standard currencies for countries. For example, you can configure that Japanese Yen is the default currency for Canada and that New Zealand Dollar is the default currency for France.

Currency Converter Plus is not compatible with those non-standard mappings. It assumes that Canadian Dollar is the currency for Canada, Australian Dollar the currency for Australia, Euro the currency for France, and so on.

Non-Euro currencies supported by Shopify Markets

At the time of writing, Shopify Markets supports 133 currencies, listed at

Currency Converter Plus is fully compatible for countries using any of the 132 non-Euro currencies (see below for Euro compatibility).

If you configure markets using these currencies, all the features (automatic rates, manual rates, price adjustments, price rounding, fixed prices) will be applied correctly in the storefront.

Currencies not supported by Shopify Markets

Using Shopify Markets does not mean that you cannot convert prices to other currencies not supported by Shopify Markets, like Bitcoin or Cuban Peso.

You can enable these currencies in the app preferences page. Please remember that only prices on the storefront will be converted but not on checkout because the Shopify checkout does not allow these currencies.

Countries using Euro

Currency Converter Plus is partially compatible with markets using Euro.

First, we assume that all Euro countries are added to Shopify Markets configuration. Selling in Euro using Shopify Markets for some Euro countries but not for others may lead to unexpected results.

All Shopify Markets features (automatic rates, manual rates, price adjustments, price rounding) except fixed prices per country can be used smoothly. Anyway, please note that having different prices for different countries inside the European Union (EU) is not generally allowed by EU regulations, see

Please note that if your store is located in the EU, even if you have not configured different prices per country, different prices may be displayed to different EU customers. This is related to the taxes configuration and it is explained at

If the prices of your store are different for different EU countries, the country used to display prices will be automatically selected via geolocation. You cannot use the currency drop-down to see how prices look from those countries but you can still use a VPN to double-check it.