I don't think the app is recommending the correct items

Depending on our product data and the app configuration, the recommended items displayed by the app might not be what you expected.

Please note that the app core is automatic recommendations which are created based on previous sales history (see How do automatic recommendations work? for details) so the app features are optimised for those kinds of recommendations. If a product doesn't have a large enough sales history then the recommendations displayed will be random (see How do random recommendations work? for more information on the matter).

To get exactly the recommendations we want, we can configure manual recommendations. You can find all the information about manual recommendations at How do manual recommendations work?

If we don't want to configure manual recommendations because we have a lot of products, we can also apply some filters to the random recommendations to make them less random:

Finally, we can also configure some recommendations that are displayed for all products. These kinds of recommendations are called global Recommendations and you can see how they work at How do global recommendations work?